Release notes – version 1.2.0


  • Simplified examples to reduce package size.


  • Improved error messages.
  • Highlighting errors in inspector.
  • Highlighting currently executing lines.
  • Opening task definitions in external script editor when double click on tasks in inspector.
  • Improved breakpoints debugging.


  • Modification of the WHILE node.
    The WHILE not was a duplication of the repeat not. Now the WHILE not does not repeat it’s child anymore. It’s runs it’s child as long as the condition succeeds. It succeeds when the child succeeds and fails when the condition or the child fails.
  • Removed IF node because conditionnal branching can be construct with SEQUENCE and FALLBACK.
  • Renamed [TaskMethod] to [Task].
  • Method returning bool, boolean field and boolean property can now be used from BT script with the [Task] attribute.
  • Random node now accepts integer as weight in the node parameters.
  • Improved RANDOM node weights computation and probability distribution.
  • Added more build-in tasks to PandaBehaviour.
  • Using Task.current.Succeed(), Task.current.Fail() and Task.current.isStarting in task methods.
  • WHILE and IF nodes now succeed when their condition fails.
  • Allowed defining task as static method.
  • Behaviour node is now named tree.
  • Root tree is now named “Root” instead of “Main”.
  • Syntax changes: parenthesis and coma are now optionals for node parameters.
  • Improved Code Viewer appearance for better integration within Unity.


  • Fixed parsing comments.
  • Fixed null pointer error occuring when no BT script is assigned to a panda Behaviour.
  • Fixed Panda Behaviour not being initialized when disable on game start.
  • Fixed parser error sometimes occures when several BT scripts is assigned to one Panda Behaviour.
  • Fixed parsing negative float or negative int in node parameters.
  • Fixed public method not being bound.
  • Fixed parenting error with task nodes.

Minor changes:

  • It’s not more possible to set break points on line not containing nodes.

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