Release notes – version 1.2.3


  •  Optimized for GC Allocations per frame (after initialization, 0B is allocated by the engine).
  •  Added Task.isInspected, which returns whether the current BT script is displayed in the Inspector.
    (Use to avoid GC allocation when formatting string for debugInfo)
  • Added PandaBehaviour.Compile( string source ) and PandaBehaviour.Compile( string[] sources ),
    which are used to make BTs from strings instead of TextAssets.
  • Added built-in task DebugBreak, which breaks (pauses the editor) and succeeds immediately.


  • Fixed BT being reset when object is selected in the Hierarchy.
  • Built-in task WaitAnyKeyDown had parameter, now removed.

Minor changes:

  • Simplified management of BT update and recompilation when scripts has been modified.

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