Release notes – version 1.3.1


  • Optimisation: drastically decreased GC Alloc during BTs initialisation.


  • Fixed BT script field disappearing in the Inspector when BT script is invalid.
  • Fixed PandaBehaviour inspector not being updated when selecting BT script through the asset selector window.
  • Fixed null exception raised when adding PandaBehaviour component on prefabs.
  • Fixed Task.IsInspected being true while BT is not displayed in the Inspector.
  • Highlight unimplemented task in Inspector.
  • Fixed parsing error occuring when no EOL on last line.
  • Fixed BT scripts not being refreshed when reverted (Pro).

Minor Changes

  • New icon for PandaBehaviour component and gizmo.
  • Added PandaBehaviour.xml for autocompletion documentation in IDE.

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