Release notes – version 1.4.1


  •  Add PandaBehaviour.GetTree(string) which retrieves a Tree by its name. Then the tree can be ticked from a [Task].
  • This feature is useful when it is requirred to decide at runtime which tree to tick.
  • Add a new class: Panda.Tree. An instance of this class is returned by PandaBehaviour.GetTree(string). The class as the following properties and methods.
    • name: the tree name
    • status: the current tree status
    • Tick(): tick the tree
    • Reset(): reset the tree



  • Fixed compiled BT script from string (using ‘PandaBehaviour.Compile(…)’) not being displayed in Inspector.
  • Fixed TextAsset assigned in code to ‘PandaBehaviour.scripts’ not being displayed in Inspector.
    (Note: a call to ‘PandaBehaviour.Apply()’ is required to apply the change.)

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